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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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first on the now -- breaking news out of kenton county.a judge's sentence brings a defendant to tears. might remember the deadly crash in crestview hills last year that killed one woman and injured another. another.the now's briana harper is live now with the sentence for scott rains.. and reaction from the victim's family. it was an emotional day in court for scott rains -who learned he'll spend the next 50 years in prison.
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into the kenton county courtroom with what his attorney says is a heavy heart. "he's very very sorry for this! he can not change what happened but he deeply regrets it. he has two daughter of his own and couldn't imagine losing them suddenly.."rains is charged in the multi-car crash that killed marianne geral and injured another driver last marchpolice say rains was driving drunk on turkeyfoot road when his suv crossed the center line and hit two other vehicles. the victim's family says their loss will not be forgotten. "she truly brighten the life of everyone she met."rains attorney says he plans to keep a copy of the victims impact statement as a reminder of his poor actions. again, rains was sentenced to 50 years total - on charges of manslaughter, criminal mischief and dui.the geral family told me off camera they do appreciate the bit of closure. reporting live in kenton county courthouse briana harper the now
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more breaking news -- this time in indianapolis where a school bus kills an adult at an elementary school.several other children also seriously broke on this within the last hour.we don't know why the bus went off the road and up on the curb... or who the name of the adult killed.. we will keep working to learn more as we get it. back here in the tri-state .... fairfax police are still looking for the person who led them on a started when police say clarence jones was spotted shoplifting at walmart overnight.police followed jones to kenwood road where their suv was found crashed.that road was closed into the morning from that investigation. right now a mystery as to what caused a fire at a fairfield concrete business.. but there's no doubt what helped keep it from growing out of control.the woman who spotted the fire couldn't call for help.. so instead she drove for help.jordan burgess looks
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with the building quickly filling with smoke and the phone lines not working, one woman decided to take matters into her own hands and drive to the firehouse herself. herself. it was kind of strange. strange.. but it worked. because for the woman who first showed up for work here at technicrete.. it was one of those days.not only did she find smoke filling the building she had forgotten her cell phone.. and as for the office phone??? phone??? the phone lines were out, probably due to the fire. so she decided to drive to the fairfield firehouse for help. we made the drive ourselves. fortunately it's nearby. only a five minute trip. firefighters say when she showed up at their door it was like the old days before phones and fire alarms. alarms. we don't get that very often. firefighters were able to get to the technicrete building in time to keep the fire from growing and good thing too.. because the concrete company had things inside that could have caused the fire to quickly spread. spread.
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of potential, a lot of acetylene tanks, propane tanks, things of that nature. but all in all it was a pretty small fire. fire. and no estimate yet on the amount of damage to the business here but it appears that the building was largely spared thanks to that woman's quick thinking. jordan burgess. the now cincinnati. cincinnati. investigators say the fire does not appear suspicious.. but they haven't figured out a cause yet. bond *remains at one million dollars for the indiana man accused of sexually abusing children. children.steven rekowski is now accused of assaulting seven girls -- all under the age of ten.rekowski was first arrested in january after a woman claimed he molested her four year old daughter and used his cell phone to take pictures of it.the woman then locked rekowski in her laundry room until police arrived. a gray day around most of the tri-state but good news -- temperatures should stay fairly's 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh. behind the frontal passage, wednesday will bring a brief
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highs will barely get into the lower 30s. wednesday will start with mostly cloudy skies but we'll see a few more rays of sunshine in the afternoon hours. a gradual warm-up to the 40s and near-50 degrees will take us into the weekend. a front will become stationary and wash out just northwest of the ohio valley. we should be on the dry side of that boundary until sunday. isolated showers return on sunday but temperatures remain mild. highs are expected around 510f. the big dig continues on the east coast today...take a look at this.... this was the scene in charleston, west virginia today...huge piles of snow... but not nearly as big as what we've been seeing for days now
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this weekend's massive storm. 42 deaths are now associated with the blizzard.the federal government was shut down again today... despite efforts to get offices reopen.but things are slowly getting back to normal at airports along the east coast right now.through today... the airlines cancelled about 13-thousand flights in all.but for comparison... there were only about 2-hundred cancellations at newark today... and 70 at dulles parts of kentucky just now getting a look at the damage left from last week's massive snow storm.that includes one of the marina's at lake cumberland. someone was saying it was built to hold only six inches of snow.jamestown marina's owners say it's impossible to gauge the weight of south central kentucky's deepest snow in a generation.they're still counting the slips and boats affected.but they maintain the roofs were built to code--as code was twenty to twenty five years ago.five of lake cumberlands seven marinas have suffered damage--as have those along the green river
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eyes as diverse as kentucky's national guard.and a lexington video company's drone.doug barrett figures his party barge is okay--but he's not getting closer to verify. they're keeping power on to keep the bilges running on the houseboats. to keep the marina afloat. if that goes out, it may all go away. away. some owners may be able to get to their boats later this week. others might have to wait another week or two. a big win for the religious group behind a noah's ark tourist attraction in northern kentucky ...a federal judge has ruled that kentucky officials 'violated' the first amendment rights of "answers in genesis" when it blocked a sales tax tourism incentive. the state originally granted the tax incentives back in 20-14 when the group applied to build its "ark encounter" site.but last year it tried to revoke the credits ... worth up to 18 million dollars.the judge ruled the incentives weren't giving preferential treatment to religious groups.
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breaking news-- the 'all clear' just given at naval medical center san diego, after reports of an active shooter.police now say it was a false alarm. the compound was locked down after someone said they heard gunshots coming from the officials sent out a tweet telling everyone to run, hide or fight.they say they train for this... and chances. "i think its a reality for the entire country. we're neighbors and we're partners and we have to train and be ready. i think its not only a new reality for us in the military but for the whole country." country."people were evacuated with their hands up while officers swept the remaining buildings.they say there's no evidence any shooting ever took place.n-m-c san diego is located in a popular tourist area... and nearby schools were also briefly locked down. the person who made the initial report is not expected to face charges. today ... shopping at small businesses 'paid off' ... when a bank decided to pay it forward.
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thousands of dollars on unsuspecting people across the tri-state.from cups of coffee at carabello coffee in newport .... to a chainsaw at a hardware store in cheviot ... the bank footed the bill for dozens of people ...including 15 parents who got their child care bill picked up for the entire week.the surprises were emotional for many ... sot: series of sotswhat's this mean to you?everything it's unexpected and i just feel blessed to have is absolutely great. i think they should always pay it forward and i think it's great that it's coming from a bank. it means the world. you can check out the hashtag 'cincypossible' ... where some of the recipients are sharing what the unexpected money will allow them to do. coming up on 9 on your side at 6 ... reporter tony miriones speaks to some of the lucky people who have a little extra in their wallets tonight. in just a few hours -- two high schools will put aside their rivalry to save lives. lives.tonight is the *hoops for hope charity event. sycamore and mason high
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money to help liz lothrop -- who is battling cancer for a second time.the goal is to raise 20 thousand dollars all together.tip off tonight is at 7:30 at sycamore high school. you're looking live at i-75 and mitchell avenue he was a suspect in an attempted kidnappingbut ohio police ended up needing to save him instead! instead!why officers put their own lines on the line to save that suspect. and a warning about those e- cigarettes.the serious burns one man now has from hisand
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ohio police officers were chasing a kidnapping suspect.. when moments later.. they ended up saving his life. life.harrison hove explains how the tables were turned. turned.
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marysville police department two children playing outside in this marysville apartment complex.a man pulls up asking for help finding his lost dog. ( deputy chief tony brooks / marysville police department ) "a 13-year-old got a bad feeling or just sensed that this wasn't right, so she ran away from the situation and contacted her father who, in turn, called 911."moments later, marysville officers see the van driven by this man, david moore.emergency lights are flashing and moore takes off.( deputy chief tony brooks / marysville police department ) "the officer tried to initiate a traffic stop. the suspect fled from the officers and got on us 33 westbound. speeds got in the area of 90-100 miles per hour."his van only stopping once fire is visible.moore refused to get out of his van.deputies had to rescue his dog and pull him to safety.( deputy chief tony brooks / marysville police department ) "we are here putting our lives on the line for not only victims, but in this case, they put their lives on the line for a suspect."nobody hurt in this high speed chase that all started with one teen who realized something just wasn't right.( deputy chief tony brooks / marysville police department ) "everybody did exactly what they should have done. from the child to the parent to the 911 dispatcher to the officers responding."
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at this point... marysville police have only charged david moore with with failure to comply.but there could be more charges added. a man is badly burned after the battery in his e-cigarette suddenly exploded in his pocket. the battery exploded while the man was at work and the aftermath was caught by security cameras. you can even see the trail of smoke following him.the man was left with second and third degree burns on his leg and hand. doctors have already performed two skin grafs. :26 (laura mccrea/ victim's mother) i mean he was burned so badly it was down into his flesh. flesh.1:23 (laura mccrea/ victim's mother) when i saw his, just the underwear, i almost fell apart, i mean it's your kid, if my grandson had been here and he had picked it up, it would have killed him, it would have killed him. him.a lawyer has been hired to look into the family's claims. he says the f-d-a is also
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e-cig batteries exploding and is looking into those as well. investigators say this large piece of metal that washed up on a beach in thailand... is *not* part of malaysia airlines flight 3-70 after all. we first told you about the discovery yesterday here on the they confirm after inspecting the debris... it does not belong to the missing jetliner... or to that type of plane in one knows what happened to the malaysian flight when it disappeared with 239 people on board in march of 20-14.only one piece of debris has ever been found. teenagers locked up in federal prisons... will no longer face solitary confinement.and adults who committed less-serious crimes... won't face it for as long. the president is banning solitary confinement for juvenile offenders... saying it's over-used... and could cause psychological damage.the move comes after a justice department review.for some adult prisoners... the time they could spend in solitary... has been reduced
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of 60 days for first offenses. right now... about ten- thousand federal inmates are serving time in solitary.13 juveniles were isolated like that in the past year. behind the frontal passage, wednesday will bring a brief return to cold temperatures. highs will barely get into the lower 30s. wednesday will start with mostly cloudy skies but we'll see a few more rays of sunshine in the afternoon hours. a gradual warm-up to the 40s and near-50 degrees will take us into the weekend. a front will become stationary and wash out just northwest of the ohio valley. we should be on the dry side of that boundary until sunday. isolated showers return on sunday but temperatures remain mild. highs are expected
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if you're not prepared for retirement... you're not alone. the federal reserve says nearly one in three people who haven't retired yet don't have savings or pensions available. so now president obama is trying to help.he's proposing a plan to expand retirement plans... and who can get them. the move is expected to help 30 million people. here's how it would work. businesses that don't offer a retirement plan right now would be required to enroll their workers in an "individual retirement account."also small businesses could get tax credits if they automatically enroll workers in a 401-k.and you could also get a tax cut by deferring taxes on your retirement savings. this plan will be part of the
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to congress next month.we don't know yet how much it would cost.we'll keep following this... and let you know what happens. we all remember "the tale of find out what happens to him. a lost story written by beatrix potter... discovered in a museum archive in london... is going to be published this september. here's a peek at one of the drawings and some of the manuscript...the story is called "the tale of kitty-in- boots."potter wrote it in 19-14... and we're told a quote "older, slower" version of peter rabbit is part of the story. i-275 east at loveland-madiera road ... rush hour traffic definitely already underway ... a developing story next on the now and planned parenthood is at the center of it all! all!the fallout now that incidtments have been issued following that fetal tissue sales scandal. and new polls in the
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a developing story right now... planned parenthood says it's "thrilled... but not surprised"... by the findings of a texas grand jury... that's cleared it of any misconduct. that same grand jury indicted two anti-abortion activists... in connection to this undercover video that claims to show planned parenthood profiting by selling fetal tissue.the indictment includes a felony charge of tampering with a government record. planned parenthood says the video was edited to mislead the public... and today defended its policies: dawn laguens | planned parenthood executive vice president: "planned parenthood has never sold fetal tissue. we've occasionally let women donate fetal tissue for important medical research and that's now been proven out -- not only by this grand jury but officials in 11 other states that looked at this that all found that planned parenthood did nothing wrong."
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david daleiden... who runs the group that made the undercover video... is one of the people indicted.he released a statement saying he respects the process of the district attorney... but maintains planned parenthood cannot deny what the video shows. the race for the white house is heating up as we head toward the first round of primary elections and caucuses. the candidates are pushing hard to reach voters, but donald trump says he might sit out the last gop debate before the first votes are cast. abc's bazi kanani is in washington with the latest from the campaign trail. good evening. on twitter, donald trump is now asking his supporters to weigh in on whether he should attend this week's gop debate. meanwhile, bernie sanders says he is depending on voter turnout. pkg script: in the tight race in iowa... where polls show bernie sanders doing better than hillary clinton with first-time caucus-goers... sanders says he needs them to turnout. (sot sanders) "to my mind, we will win here in iowa if the voter turnout is high. and frankly, if the voter turnout is not high, we're gonna be struggling? clinton? rolling back the clock in a new ad... (nats ad) showing voters the proof of what she calls her lifelong fight for children and families. (sot ad) "i'm hillary clinton and i have always approved this
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side-- a day for endorsements. texas governor rick perry... campaigning with ted cruz. former new york governor george pataki-- throwing his support behind marco rubio. and jerry falwell, jr.--the son of the late televangelist-- officially endorsing donald trump. falwell's nod could help trump cut into cruz's support among born-again christians. but a nebraska senator is questioning trump's morality. ==gfx== on twitter... senator ben sasse asks about trump's admitted "affairs with married women." ==gfx== "have you repented?" "to harmed children and spouses? do you think it matters? trump has not responded... instead focusing on whether he should attend the coming republican debate. telling gma... he has not resolved his issues with fox moderator megyn kelly. (sot trump) "i have no fear, i don't think she's a good professional, i don't think she's professional at all, she's very biased against me." bazi kanani standup close: trump promised a "special guest" at a rally tonight. we now know it will be
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him. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. first snow -- now flooding. flooding.the trouble those on the east coast are now battling in the wake of a massive winter storm. i'm john matarese. the ftc today warned about theives filing your tax that they can claim your refund!how to protect yourself, coming up on
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welcome back to the now cincinnati. we want to take you back to indianapolis where a school bus has killed an adult at an elementary school. this is a live look at the scene ... several other children also seriously hurt.... the latest information from a reporter at the indy star says that two children who were brought to the hospital are 'stable' ... our scripps sister station w-r-t-v reports those children are both 10 years old and their injuries are not life threatening.we don't know why the bus went off the road and up on the curb... or the name of the adult killed..we are tracking the latest on this story ... the school's superintendent will make a statement at five p-m ... we will bring you what we learn throughout "the now' and 9 on your side starting at 5. heads up if you plan to sell or buy anything over the internet.starting february first the butler county sheriff's office will open its lobby to anyone who wants to be safe while making a deal through websites like craiglist.the lobby will be open seven days a week from
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spaces will be designated so you don't have to sign into the building. kentucky's own rand paul is falling behind in the presidential race and today -- he got some competition in his fight to keep his job as senator. senator.lexington mayor *jim gray filed the paperwork to run for u.s. senate before the deadline.. which just passed as we started the now.the democrat is a wealthy, former ceo.gray is also the bluegrass state's first openly gay mayor. it wasn't long after gray's candidacy was announced that paul issued a statement through his senior advisor saying in part:"he hopes voters will remember his tireless work to balance the budget, his fight against president obama's war on coal, his fight against obamacare, and that senator paul has returned to the taxpayer over $2 million from his office budget." early intervention ... could be the key to keeping kids from struggling in school. and now, more funding will help students in ohio-- starting as early as pre-k. pre-k.the ohio mental health and addiction services department announced 9 point 1 million dollars in additional
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the next two years. more than 700-thousand of that will go to hamilton, highland, brown, clermont, and other southwest ohio counties to hire mental health consultants, who will work with teachers and at risk kids. it calls cincinnati home.and today *pure romance took on the women of *the viewcheck it out! out!38.25 as valentine's day approaches we are concentrating on reigniting that flame right? i like it and that's something we should all talk about. about.hopefully you got to see all of founder patty brisben's interview on the show.she also handed out gift bags to audience members.but that's not all she has up her sleeve. thursday she'll be on good morning america for the pop news segement.good morning america begins weekdays at seven a.m.and you can catch *the view weekdays at eleven. both shows are right here on 9 for 9 on your side at noon. looking for a new career? the science, technology, engineering, and math fields - also known as 'stem' ... are proected for fast growth ... and cincinnati is well
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market!according to a study by wallet hub dot com ... the cincy metro ranks among the top 20 in the country to find a job in the stem field ... we're above average in projections for employment growth ... and with the 10th best housing affordability and high median wages ... stem graduates have an advantage in building a life here.we're also fortieth out of 100 for the proejected number of job openings in stem by 20-20. turning to your 9 first warning forecast behind the frontal passage, wednesday will bring a brief return to cold temperatures. highs will barely get into the lower 30s. wednesday will start with mostly cloudy skies but we'll see a few more rays of sunshine in the afternoon hours. a gradual warm-up to the 40s and near-50 degrees will take us into the weekend. a front will become stationary and wash out just northwest of the ohio valley. we should be on the dry side of that boundary until sunday. isolated showers return on sunday but temperatures remain
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the water has now receded in new jersey... where flooding... not snow... has been the big issue from the weekend's storm.for the first time today, we're getting an upclose look at the damage. the now's todd walker is live in west wildwood, new jersey... todd... longtime residents tell you... this is the worst they've ever seen: that's right.. worse than superstorm sandy more than three years ago.residents say when the storm that caused blizzard conditions in washington dc and new york moved into this area.. it came from the northeast.. that way.. and pushed the water in this way..3 days later the water is gone.. but residents are still cleaning up. 21:56:28 it was an astronomical tide a full moon and pretty much everyone got beat up pretty badly :34 21:57:15 if you look at our neighbor's houses that's how pretty much everyone's houses
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on this for three days :22 21:58:02 we have a raised property it was still about a foot and a half two feet inside :0721:57:49 it's the worst i've seen since the 90's :53 todd adlib live tag todd, is this a different part
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check your car... ford is now recalling nearly 400-thousand because the driver's air bag could explode. it's the same issue we've been telling you about with takata air bags in other types of're looking at what can happen.this new recall is for ford ranger pickups made from 2004 through 2006.about 24 million other cars have been recalled already... because of the exploding air bags that can send metal pieces flying at far 10 people have died... and more than 100 have been hurt. right now on the now you can find a link to see if your car is among those recalled ... you'll need to know your car's vin number in order to search the database. new details about one of the men on the run -- after breaking out of a california prison.the movie character authorites are comparing the
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your uber ride could be
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becerra looks at how the drivers. uber is now tracking its drivers to see if they're speeding or using their phone too often while driving.the company said in a blog post https://newsroom.ub it's using the gyrometer and gps in drivers' cellphones to make sure they're being safe. the last time uber used gps to monitor drivers' locations was to make sure contracted workers in china weren't attending protests against its service. (video via uber .com/watch?v=kjkvakouthy)but this time, the company says it will only be looking at drivers' data when a rider posts a bad review to see if the complaint was warranted. (video via uber
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benefits. watch newsy 24-7 on your tv or download the newsy app for on the go updates updates one of the men behind a daring jail break is now being compared to movie villain "hannibal lecter." lecter."that's how a prosecutor is describing this man... "hossein nayeri." (hoss- sane) (nigh-air-ee)he's been on the run in california along with these violent criminals for five days far no one has seen them.they escaped from this jail in orange county... after authorities say they cut through metal grate behind their bunks.they then crawled through plumbing tunnels... and rappelled down from the jail roof using sheets.the sheriff's office says it don't believe any prison workers were involved in the escape. you've likely heard it all before.heart disease kills women every year. year.but there are new numbers that suggest many women aren't getting the message.the warning that might save your life. dolls -- now getting their own seat on one airline.details on the the bizzare program that's all the rage overseas-- before
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... and montgomery road in kenwood when it comes to heart attacks... women are under- diagnosed... and under-treated compared to men.the now's theresa marchetta talks with a cardiologist about how to close this gender gap. 1:06-09 "it's not the case that heart attacks are a disease of men.."dr. frederick masoudi says both physicians.. and the public.. need to adjust their ideas about the causes.. symptoms.. and risk factors for heart attacks in women.the american heart association released this scientific statement - to spell it all out.. dr. fred masoudi, a cardiologist at university of colorado hospital 1:19-1:32 "heart attacks effect women.. risk factors... more potent for women than
4:34 pm
aha found..- women frequently have different underlying causes of heart attacks than men.. for example the type of plaque buildup.- women are more likely to be undertreated- not receiving recommended medications... or cardiac rehabilitation..- both men and women have chest pain.. but women more often have symptoms like nausea, vomiting.. and back or jaw pain.- and women with diabetes or high blood pressure are at a higher risk of heart attack than men. 2:52-55 " this provides us with an area of improvment" i'm theresa marchetta for the now. the american heart association says while there have been improvements in heart attack death rates for women over the last decade... women still fare worse than men, overall, when it comes to heart disease. many of us may struggle with our finances but it appears the millennial generation may be the worst of all. all.a new study shows it's not just impacting their future it could have disastrous effects on the entire economy.that's according to researchers with pricewaterhouse coopers and
4:35 pm
they found millennials, those between 18 and 34, are the age group with the lowest financial knowledge.only 24 percent seem to know what they're doing with money. and here's the proof... more than 40 percent use more risky services like pawnshops, auto title loans and payday loans. 30 percent says they've overdrawn their checking accounts.also nearly 20 percent says they've taken out loans against their retirement account in the past year. here's why it matters to all of us.millennials make up a big part of the population and their influence on the economy is expected to grow over the next decade.researchers found if their bad money habits continue we'll all feel it. (ad lib) behind the frontal passage, wednesday will bring a brief return to cold temperatures.
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start with mostly cloudy skies but we'll see a few more rays hours. a gradual warm-up to the 40s and near-50 degrees will take us into the weekend. a front will become stationary the ohio valley. we should be on the dry side of that isolated showers return on sunday but temperatures remain mild. highs are expected
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to this the next time you fly? this lifelike doll has become so popular in thailand... a regional airliner now allows it. the flight attendents will serve the doll snacks and drinks... and it must be buckled just like a person. what's behind this unusual trend?the dolls go through a ritual and are believed to possess a child's spirit and bring good fortune.but here's the twist - if you don't have a ticket for the doll... it will be treated like carry-on luggage and stowed during takeoff and landing. craig mckee is here with a quick look at what's coming up on 9 on your side. side. first we've received even more emails about the duke energy phone scam targetting more people. tonight, we're going to play you the actual call so know when to just hang up. then a kid sees a car barreling toward another kid and pushes him out of the way. this kid hero saves the kid
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kid hero can't go home and what his parents are asking for tonight. did a teacher really slap a student? what we're learning about the incident at a school in milford. plus, what the teacher says really investigation moves forward. tanya -- ad lib wrap admit it -- we all eat food that isn't so healthy for us. but are there foods we should avoid all together? together?one expert says *yes and next on the now he's going to walk you through the six
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one final quick look on traffic - let's take you back to i-75 and mitchell avenue which we showed you at the start of the hour. how close are we to "doomsday?" the world's leading scientists announced today the clock that shows how close we are to destroying the planet ... through events like nuclear war ... will stay at "three minutes to midnight."this isn't an actual's a symbolic representation from the "bulletin of the atomic scientists." scientists considered tensions between the u-s and russia... and the recent north korean nuclear test to set
4:40 pm
clock" was started in 19-47. this is the closest we've been to global disaster since 19-83. the lawyer who's handling lawsuits against chipotle over e-coli and norovirus outbreaks..just named six foods he would never eat -- because the risk of illness is too high. high.the now's anne mcnamara reveals what they are. nat sequencehere's a dinner may want to take. avoid these foods. 15:00 q: what do you think they have in common? a: that they're all really gross... 9:41 that looks like clams? oysters...raw oysters top the list from food-poisoning expert bill marler...shellfish have been linked to more foodborne illnesses in the last five years -- than in the 20 years before. 16:18 these...that would surprise me too...all the wouldnt imagine that pre-cut produce comes in at number two. marler avoids them 'like the plague' because more handling means more chance of contamination.raw sprouts round out the top three...with more than 30 bacterial outbreaks in the past two decades. 5:05 a lot of it looks uncooked...this is definitely uncooked whatever
4:41 pm
four. 12:09 i like medium rare...marler warns...always order your meat medium-well -- heated to at least 160 degrees. 19:50 you don't know where your foods coming from so it's always a risk when you buy food from places. but number five seems like a no-brainer. raw eggs caused a huge salmonella outbreak in the 1980s and 90s. 20:05 at restaurants, if they come out runny at all...i send them back marler says "raw" is really trendy -- but it means think before you drink that green juice. which could contain bacteria...viruses and even parasites. 17:58 you learn
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the attorney's article appears in this week's edition of the food poisoning journal.and he has the resume to back it up... up...winning more than 600- million dollars for clients over his 20-year career... and working to change federal food policy. the battle over unsafe water in flint, michigan has taken another turn.not only are people looking for safe water to drink -- they're also getting bills for the repairs! repairs!the state's attorney general says he is looking into whether bills sent within the last few days have to be paid.keep in mind -- people who were switched to flint river drinking water two years ago can't even drink the water right now because of all the damage done to the water system!lead and a handful of
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in the water supply.the a-g is also trying to determine if service can be shut off for those who can't pay. people now use bottled water not just to stay hydrated but also to cook and bathe. celebrities and organizations around the country -- even here in the tri state -- have sent millions of bottles for them.but not only are people sending water to flint, others are collecting those empty, they are recycled. :45 "we're going to do this as it takes." takes.":24 "we're going to pass out and give each citizens of flint a plastic bag whenever they need it and have them bag up bottles and put them to the curb." curb." flint does offer a recycling program but those behind this collection say not enough people know about it. that's it from the now cincinnati... cincinnati...9 on your side at 5 starts right now. a mother leaves her car running outside a school. minutes later - it's stolen. "three minutes later, my car
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gone"it's a lesson we all need to remember.we'll tell you how often this happens. accused of turning a blind eye. a student says a tri-state school did not protect her after she was assaulted. we're on your side with *your* rights if this happens to you. preying on your fears.scammers targeting the tri-state - telling you your power will be turned off. "the bill was $1,300 and i was just frantic, i wasn't thinking." thinking."we're on your side with latest scam involving duke energy.and how you know not to fall for it. screened for recommendations out today. which adults were specifically added to the list.9 on your side at five starts now! in a matter of minutes - a mother went from dropping her child off at school - to calling police because her car was stolen.
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